Ushuaia, Mother Nature is a strength


Since February 2016, Ushuaia has launched in Madagascar its first range of exclusively male deodorants. Ushuaia line of products for men was until then limited to shower gels.

All new Ushuaia deodorants for men are made of a 48-hour effective formula, without aluminium salt, anti-smell and anti-stain providing all-day protection.
Ushuaia targets men that are in search of authenticity, independent and willing to stay away from the market seduction codes. For this purpose, Ushuaia chose Mother Nature as a source of force and inspiration, as per the slogan: Mother Nature is a strength.

The uncluttered and elegant flask reminds the colours of Earth and elements:
Earth of ebony, a deep and wooded scent inspired by wood nobility.
Earth of origin, an intense aromatic scent inspired by the plentiful and mysterious jungle.
Earth of fire, a hot and spicy scent inspired by the power of molten magma.
Earth of thunderstorm, fresh and addicting scent drawn from the strength of the unchained islands.